Zrazy children «Funny hedgehogs»

Zrazy can be prepared with different fillings.
In this recipe we prepare zrazy stuffed stuffed eggs.
Welded hard boiled eggs, and by cutting them in half, we choose the one yolks.

Now do shell.
Sandwich or any other cheese, we shall cut strips and mesh laid on a cutlet.

Mash the yolks with a fork, add to it grated cheese, grated carrot cooked, crushed garlic, a bit of sour cream (or mayonnaise), and add some salt to taste.
This mixture fill half of egg whites.

Connecting pairwise halves filled with a mixture of proteins — we’ve got stuffed eggs.

Cooking conventional meat cutlet with minced onion, salt, pepper and bread soaked in water (not milk — about this, see. At the end of the recipe).
Minced thoroughly mash until a plastic mass. Then knock the stuffing should be slightly and slipping it into a ball and throwing power on the table (10-15 times) — minced cutlets beaten more juicy.
Take a piece of minced meat and mash it in a small cake, enough to wrap the egg in it.
Egg rolls to stuffing, attach Zrazy slightly oblong and slightly crumbling in Loose egg.

Slightly pull the future muzzle hedgehog and paste eyes and nose and black pepper, or cut from Maslinka gorbushechki or black bread.
Spout raise a little bit up to the hedgehog not turned angry, his nose buried in the ground.
We put in the needles of hedgehogs vermishelek.
For children, these vermishelki already on a plate it is necessary to pull out and put together.
Older children crispy vermishelki really like and they crunch them as croutons.

Hedgehogs are ready to send in the oven.

Ready hedgehogs spread garnish and immediately serve.
Zrazy make beautiful on the cut and very juicy due to the fused toppings of cheese and sour cream (mayonnaise).zrazy-children-funny-hedgehogs

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