Wine cooler


Chardonnay (dry) — 110 ml
Soda (lemon) — 170 ml
Blueberry juice — 15 ml
Raspberry juice — 15 ml
Strawberry juice — 15 ml
The blueberry juice — 15 ml


Traditionally, a «wine cooler» — a homemade drink made from wine, fruit juice, sugar and soda (sweet or not). Sometimes just wine and juice. Pour on bottles and sell it in stores began sometime in the 1980s. Especially in those regions where the actual alcoholic beverages are subject to high taxes and other government restrictions. And cooler what would you take?

Just mix all the ingredients well chilled and pour into a large cold highball glass. Can with ice.Variations are endless. Select the combination of juices and wines that you like, and go for

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