Warm sandwich with chicken breast


Chicken breast — 100g
Frames (small) — 1 pc.
Bacon (smoked) — 20 g
Tomatoes (ripe) — 40 g
Salad (lettuce) — 1 sheet
Sunflower oil (marinade) — 100 g
Garlic (marinade) — 2 cloves
Soy sauce (marinade for sauce +) — 2 tbsp 5 + z
Mayonnaise (for sauce) — 40 g
Mustard (Dijon) — 5 g


1. Prepare the ingredients. Chicken breast marinate for 2 hours in the marinade and fry on both sides until cooked.
2. Bacon and fry on both sides.
3. Baguette cut lengthwise and warm in the oven until crisp.
4. The two halves of the grease with sauce. For the sauce, mix until smooth mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, soy sauce.
5. On one half to put lettuce baguette.

6. Top — sliced slices tomatoes.
7. Cooked chicken breast cut diagonally.
8. Put the finished chicken breast tomatoes.
9. Put fried bacon.
10. Cover the other half of baguette. Cut the sandwich into two parts. Serve with a glass of Alsatian.warm-sandwich-with-chicken-breast

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