Vegetarian burger


Hamburger buns — 1 pc.
Ketchup — 14 g
Carrots — 12 g
Iceberg lettuce — 14 g
Cucumber — 3-4 slices
Maize (lentils or peas) — 1 handful
Potatoes — 1-2 pcs.
Vegetable oil (for frying)


1. Boil the potatoes and beans. Potato mash with, connect with legumes, flour and spices and knead to form a sticky substance. BLIND flat patties thickness of about 1 cm and a diameter equal to the diameter of the rolls, lightly floured, or breadcrumbs. Fry in deep fat home or in a pan with plenty of oil.
2. Ready-made cakes out onto a cloth to get rid of excess oil.
3. buns burger cut into two equal pieces and lightly fry. You can just put the buns on a few minutes in preheated oven or dry frying pan and keep until until golden brown. The main thing — do not overdry them.

4. Restaurants, which serve the most delicious burgers, always trying to keep the recipe secret sauce. If you feel the culinary talent, you can come up with a special sauce of what is in the refrigerator. But if you still doubt win confidence in your abilities, you can restrict fourteen grams of ketchup — the experience of the brand-chef, so much to add to the burger to taste the sauce overshadowed the rest of the ingredients. It is also possible to use lean mayonnaise. Spread ketchup inside of the upper rolls.

5. Carefully put on the bun smeared with ketchup, carrot cut into thin strips.
6. Then put the leaves of crisp lettuce.
7. Cut the cucumber into slices.
8. Put the three slices of cucumber on the salad.
9. You’re put on the burger patty is still warm and cover the bottom bun. Vegetarian burger ready.vegetarian-burger

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