Vanilla cheesecake with raisins


Curd tight krupitchaty — 460 g
Chicken egg — 1 pc.
Flour 2 tbsp. l. — The dough, 3 tbsp. l. — For dusting — Article 5. l.
Raisins — 2/3 stack.
Vanilla sugar — 2 h. L.
Sugar — 1 tbsp. l.
Milk Oil for frying — 20g


1. Cottage cheese rubbed through a sieve. With this step the mass for cheesecakes get much more lush and airy.
2. grated cottage cheese add egg.
3. add the raisins. Add the flour and sugar (vanilla and plain). The amount of sugar can vary, depending on the cheese if it is sour, put more sugar.
4. Knead until smooth.

5. wet hands molding of cottage cheese dough balls and attach them to the form of neat patties.
6. Each cheesecake collapses in agony.
7. spread the cheese cakes in the pan with melted butter and fry until golden brown.
8. flip and just fry the other side.
9. Ready cheesecakes We serve hot, warm or cold with cream, jam, honey or maple syrup.vanilla-cheesecake-with-raisins

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