Useful cake with milk sturgeon


for the dough:

The fresh yeast — 40 g
Wholegrain wheat flour — 450 g
Wheat flour — 250 g
Vegetable oil — 100 ml
Water — 300 ml
Sugar — 2 tbsp
Salt — 2 pinches

for the filling:

Salmon milk — 1 kg
Leek — 250g
Wheat flour — 100 g
Vegetable oil — 80 ml


1. Sperm thaw, rinse, dry, roll in salted flour and fry in vegetable oil until tender.
2. Grind in a blender or skip through Mincer.
3. Leeks, chop and fry in butter until soft.
4. Just chop and mix with minced milk.
5. You’ll have a delicious blend that can be used as a filling for tartlets, pies, simply put on bread, toast or bread.
6. Dissolve yeast in warm water, add sugar and allow to rise. If you use dry yeast, you will need 1 tsp with the top. Add in the yeast oil, then the sifted flour, salt and knead the dough. The adjust consistency to your liking. To let the dough rise. Anoint hands with vegetable oil and knead the dough, forming it back into a ball, let go again. To separate the most part, roll out and place in a greased form. Gently, the dough is pretty easy tearing! I have a form 35 cm to Distribute the filling.
7. To decorate the cake at their discretion. You can pre-close it with a layer of dough. Top oil liberally with vegetable oil. Put in a preheated 180* C oven for about 30-40 minutes.useful-cake-with-milk-sturgeon

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