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Tube: thin and crispy

— 2 eggs
— 130 g butter
— 150 gr flour
— 150 gr of sugar
— 50 grams of potato starch
— 100 grams of warm water

1. Melt the butter on low heat.
2. Beat eggs with sugar, until the mixture will increase in two.
3. Mix together the cornstarch and flour in a separate bowl.
4. A thin stream pour the oil into the egg mixture, stirring each time.
5. Through a sieve to sift the pastry flour with starch, alternating with warm water.
6. Mix everything manually.
7. Pour the batter onto the heated and greased waffle iron.
8. Waffles are baked quickly: just a minute and they are ready.
It is very important to turn them into tubes as soon as they are ready.

Filling: cream can be any of your choice: boiled condensed milk with nuts or whipped cream with chocolate.tube-thin-and-crispy

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