Triangular cutlets


● Wafer cakes
● Stuffing
● Onions
● Green
● Spices
● Eggs


The main thing, really find cakes, and then everything is simple and you can improvise (meat, chicken, fish). Prepare stuffing as love, I love herbs with added onions (you can chop or through a meat grinder), salt, pepper and egg. The number of arbitrary, if stuffing a little, can be spread thinner, if you want less flour patties, pomyasistee — do layer is thicker meat — to your taste and desire. I used only two of four cake (minced meat eaters and had a little) to burgers were thicker. Distribute the stuffing ready for Korzh, the second top cover, gently press over the entire surface and let soak for about fifteen minutes, so a bit moist cakes of minced meat and does not crumble when cutting. Then cut like a pizza or cake — triangular pieces. Dip in egg and fry on both sides in a frying pan over medium heat until tender. How to roast depends on the thickness of your patties — the thicker the layer of meat — the longer. You can cover up the cover. The result is a delicious and lovely burgers and waffle cake batter and simply replaces creates an interesting checkered relief.triangular-cutlets

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