Three-layer milkshake


200 g of vanilla ice cream
1 Cup milk
100 g blueberries
100 g strawberries
1 pre-frozen banana


1. Blender whisk banana, 1/3 Cup milk and 1/3 packs of ice cream.
2. Emptied in a convenient container, refrigerate.
3. In a clean blender will pogresan in 100g of strawberries, 1/3 Cup milk and 1/3 of the ice cream.

4. Whisk together, pour into a container and refrigerate.
5. As we proceed with the blueberries, using the remaining milk and ice cream.
6. When ready, carefully pour the mixture layers in two tall cups: first, strawberry, banana and then, finally, blueberry.
7. Served.three-layer-milkshake

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