The recipe Shrimp under a fiery sauce

Shrimp under a fiery sauce Gamberi al sugo fiammato)

Seafood are used in Italian cuisine in all coastal regions. Shrimp and served with pasta, and rice,as well as various salads. This recipe for shrimp in sauce that you can make a really fiery, if you use peperoncino.


prawns 2 kg
olive oil 6 tablespoons
butter 40 gr
parsley 1 bunch
garlic 2 cloves
tomato paste 4 tablespoons
brandy 2 stacks
paprika 1 pinch
salt to taste
pepper or peperoncino to taste


Peel the garlic. On low heat melt the butter and olive oil, saute garlic and chopped parsley. Then add shrimp, increase the heat and stew stirring occasionally.

Season with salt and pepper, add the paprika and peperoncino optionally, pour over the brandy and ignite. Once evaporated the alcohol, add the tomato, stir. Reduce heat and leave for a few minutes. Serve immediately, garnished with parsley.the-recipe-shrimp-under-a-fiery-sauce

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