The codfish cakes

For the recipe you will need:
— cod (dried, salted, soaked) – 400g
— potatoes – 250g
— onion – 1 PC.
— parsley (large bunch) – 1 PC.
— the egg – 4 pieces
— pepper – to taste
— nutmeg – a little
— oil (for deep frying).

1. Separately boil the potatoes (no salt!) and cod.
2. Cod free from skin and bones, flesh grind in a meat grinder or blender.
3. Potato mash with a pestle until lumps disappear.
4. Finely chop the onion and is even smaller than the parsley, mix with potatoes and fish.
5. Gradually add in the egg mixture.

6. Pepper, add the nutmeg, to taste the mixture for salt. If too little salt (which is very unlikely) – salt to taste.
7. From this mixture using 2 tablespoons soaked in water, molded balls (who doesn’t have enough skills for this procedure, you can roll into balls with wet hands).
8. Heat the oil for deep frying, lower there balls, fry until Golden brown.
9. Ready balls to put on a paper towel to drain excess fat. This dish can be eaten both hot and cold.the-codfish-cakes-2

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