Tasty parody of the land

Ingredients and preparation:

Just a parody of the land. Like parody, was surprisingly nice-nice-delicious. Basis for rolls probably cheese. It can take any principle, but I took my very popular with cheese «Ricotta». Like he probably his unusual and unfamiliar to us the taste and do not like the price only.

Well, do not talk about cheese and a roll. Besides cheese we need — salted red fish (salmon. Trout), lemon, pine nuts, fennel and cucumber. They collected all the ingredients? Prepare the filling. Lightly fry the pine nuts, finely cut is not, but not a big dill. Rub the lemon zest. Everything is mixed with ricotta. Add the juice of half a lemon. Mix. Cucumber cut into strips. Filling is ready

Take a bamboo tsinovochku (often sell it as a stand-mat under the bowl), put it on the plastic wrap. In the film spread with a little finely chopped fish overlap. Fish stuffing, about 5-7 mm. thick. An intermediate — few slips chopped cucumber. Gherkin general need for freshness and hrumskosti.

Wrap. We form a «sausage.» Twist-ends «sausages». Carefully place the «sausage» in the refrigerator. There it hardens a bit. We obtain, deploy and moistened knife cut diagonally. We expose in a plate, decorate with lemon. And wondered what to do with the remains of the filling? I just did. Sliced tomatoes-cream into four parts, removed the bones. Obtain such boats

… These pumps put a spoon remaining stuffing. Garnish with basil. And he gave as a completely separate meal.
Useful, healthy and unusually tasty food.

P.S. Instead of repeated and ricotta cheese with the usual. I will say briefly — not worse!tasty-parody-of-the-land

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