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Sweet coconut rice

Desserts of sticky rice (this sort, not physical condition) –

this is a mandatory component of many, if not all, Asian cuisines. It can cook in water with sugar, but is more often cooked in coconut milk. It is quite natural for us to taste – creamy sweet rice. If you can’t find sticky rice, you can try to use the good rice for sushi. The taste will be similar – although the “stickiness” is still not the same.

Without banana leaves, too, can do their role it may play greased with vegetable oil odourless foil.

Start cooking 3 hours before serving


2 cups glutinous rice

1 liter of coconut milk and 500 ml of coconut cream or 1.5 liters of coconut milk

2-2. 5 cups brown sugar


banana leaves

6-8 servings

Preparation: 5 min.

Preparation: 1 h 10 min.

Method of preparation:

1. Rice rinse well in filtered water and a little dry on the sieve.

2. Stir in the rice in a saucepan with a thick day, pour 1 liter of coconut milk.

Over medium heat, stirring frequently, bring to a boil and reduce the heat to low. Cook, continuing to stir, until thick, 20-25 min.

3. -1,25 add 1 Cup sugar and a pinch of salt. Carefully mixing, the searchlight further 10 min. the Rice should be very sticky.

4. At the same time lay the washed BA, anovia leaves in the baking dish measuring about 20 x 30 cm so that the ends hung down a little.

5. Put the cooked rice in with leaves form, smooth.

6. In a clean saucepan with a thick bottom combine coconut cream (or the remaining 500 ml of coconut milk) with the remaining brown sugar. On medium heat bring to a boil and cook until thick, about 7 min.

7. Evenly distribute the mixture over rice, lying in the leaves. Put the form in a preheated to 200 “C oven and roast until the top of the dessert does not “grab”, about 15 min.

8. Remove the dessert from the oven and cool completely without removing from the mold 2 h. Then lift the leaves out on a dish and serve.

Bon appetit!