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Surprisingly tasty salad «Prince»


— 500 grams of beef
— 4 eggs boiled
— 6 pickled cucumbers
— 3 cloves of garlic
— 1 Cup nuts
— 200 g of mayonnaise


Disassemble boiled meat on fiber.
Next, cucumbers RUB on a large grater, garlic passed through the press, cucumbers and mix with garlic! Boiled eggs also we shall RUB on a coarse grater.
Walnuts need to chop and fry on a dry pan for a few minutes.
We spread the salad layers.
1. meat + mayonnaise
2. cucumbers with garlic + mayonnaise
3. boiled eggs + mayonnaise
4. walnuts
Salad put into the refrigerator to infuse.Served to the table.surprisingly-tasty-salad-the-prince