Stuffed calamari

To prepare you will need:

carcass squid
Rice — 100 g
mushrooms — 200 g
cheese — 100 g
onion — 1 pc
carrots — 1 pc
boiled eggs -3 pieces

Cooking method:

Do not thawed and cut squid pour boiling water and keep it no more than 20 seconds. Thin pink, gray or light purple plenochka on the carcass of squid will be curtailed just a few seconds right after that you can get out of the carcass of boiling water and rinse with cold water under the tap. My and carefully, trying not to damage the carcass is extracted from squid entrails and bone thin transparent, more precisely, a chord. Now the knife carefully remove the tape and wash clean, white and pink carcass.

Cut the squid fins, they have go to the tabs.

Separately, prepare the stuffing:

Boil rice.

Fry finely chopped mushrooms, chopped onion half rings and worn on a coarse grater carrots. All the mix, add the chopped eggs, grated cheese and mayonnaise, salt and pepper.

Note that all of the ingredients for the stuffing squid ready (they now can eat with a spoon). The fact that the squid cooked very quickly and raw foods in the stuffing just do not have time to prepare for that time.

Carcasses of squid farshiruem resulting mixture. We try to filling completely fills kalmarny «bag», but do not stretch the carcass, as it is in the oven slightly reduced in size.

In place of the ear and the eye makes an incision, insert them into triangles squid (pieces of fins) and pepper.

Completely filled with squid carcass, if necessary, are held together with toothpicks, laid in a fireproof dish, greased and grease with mayonnaise, if desired.

Put shape in the oven heated to 150 degrees for 10 — 15 minutes.stuffed-calamari

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