Strawberry dessert


Strawberry 300.0 g
Powdered sugar 30.0 g
Jelly pack 1.0
Curd 300.0 g
Sugar 2.0 tbsp
Sour cream tbsp 3.0
Water simple 100.0 ml
Gelatin 10.0 g


1. Bag ready jelly fill with boiling water.The liquid to be bottled in tall glasses.
2. To jelly not frozen even layer, and beautiful diagonal, glasses need to put in the fridge tilted..
3. While frozen strawberry jelly, prepare the cheesecake layer. It’s very simple-mix the cheese with sugar and sour cream to taste. Carefully grind. In a Cup dissolve in 100 ml of water 10 g of gelatin, stir well and add to the cream cheese.
4. Cottage cheese spread on a little frozen strawberry jelly. And again to send the glasses in the refrigerator to harden.
5. Did you need to grind. Strawberry puree mixed with powdered sugar to taste puree was harmonious, without sugar grains.
6. Strawberry sweet puree spread on cheese layer.
7. It is nut turn. You can use any nuts You like. Nuts to podrobit nemelka
8. Chopped nuts should be put on the dessert is almost ready.
9. On top of the nuts to spread the strawberry, whole or cut into pieces.strawberry-dessert

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