Strawberry Bavarua

For the cake with a diameter of 26 cm.
2 eggs
2 protein
50g almonds
50g sugar
20g butter
20g flour
2 eggs
125g sugar
500ml milk
500ml double cream
20 g of gelatin
150 ml water
120 g of white chocolate
200 g strawberries
1 package ready strawberry jelly cake
200 gr.klubniki
100 g of water
7gr gelatin
1. Two eggs and 50g sugar Beat on high speed in a lush cream.
2. Pour 50g ground almonds, 20g flour, gently stir in the egg cream.
3. Melt 20g of butter and gently pour on the edges of the dough quickly and thoroughly.
4. Beat the two proteins, stir them into the finished dough and place in a greased and floured form.
5. Prepare cake at 200 degrees for 20 minutes.
1. The basis of the Bavarian mousse cream of English. To begin to cook it.
Half of the sugar mixed with the milk and bring to a boil, mix with the other half of the eggs and vanilla. Pour hot milk eggs, cook on a small power until the sauce thickens. If this the first time you cook the sauce, cook better in a water bath
2. English cream into 2 parts, one part is still hot add 120 grams of cream on the broken pieces of white chocolate, stir to melt chocolate. Beat 200g strawberries in a blender, add the puree into the second part of the English cream.
3. Soak the gelatin in 150 ml of water for 10-15 minutes. The powder should swell. The heated liquid gelatin until it dissolves. In no case do not boil it — by boiling gelatin loses its properties! Gelatin is divided into two parts and add in English cream with additives (in strawberry and white chocolate).
4. Allow it to rest for a few minutes, and in the meantime, whisk 500 ml cream. To easily whipped cream, watch to a bowl and cream themselves were cold, you can put a pre-bowl with the cream in the refrigerator, it will accelerate the process of beating. Divide the cream into 2 portions and stir lightly in English cream.
5. Ready Bavarian mousse pour the almond cake, in my case, first strawberry, then with the white chocolate. Put the cake in the refrigerator, let grab mousse.
6. strawberries for the top layer to whip in a blender, add soaked in water and heated in the micro gelatin. Pour on top of strawberry jelly on the cake.
Ready to put the cake in the refrigerator overnight.strawberry-bavarua

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