Stew in the cauldron


Pork — 500-700 g
Potatoes — 5 PCs.
Carrots — 2 PCs.
Onions — 5 PCs.
Garlic — 1 head
The cabbage — 0,5 fork
Tomato paste — 1 tbsp (or 3 tomatoes)
Vegetable oil
Salt, pepper, cumin, parsley


1. Put the cauldron on the fire. While it is hot peel potatoes. It should be approximately the same size, about the size of a chicken egg. If the potatoes are more dimensions, then cut it in half or into quarters.
The cauldron is hot — pour in the vegetable oil, and engaged in butchering meat. Cut it into pieces of 3-5 cm. With a couple of pieces cut the fat and membrane. It is the main part.
2. When the oil is boiling, throw our «cutting» inside and give to proselytise. If the meat was on the bone, then throw the bone is even better. I still always throw back a few pieces of meat.
3. Take out frying, put aside, and in the cauldron, put the prepared potatoes. Unforgettable periodically her turn. At the end of cooking some salt onto it.

4. Ready potatoes harvested in the bowl, close the lid, so warm, and set aside. In oil, put the chopped meat and fry it on all sides.
5. «Implement» onions, cut into half rings.
6. It’s time carrots, cut into cubes, 5-7 mm thick.
7. Five minutes and the carrots become soft.
8. It’s time for cabbage, cut into strips, but it is possible and squares.

9. Keep the cauldron with the lid open ten minutes before polomarket cabbage.
10. Pour a glass of water and cover tightly with a lid.
11. Fifteen minutes stewing under the lid: check to if almost ready, put the tomato or tomatoes, peeled, stir, add fried potatoes, stir gently, cover again with a lid and leave for five minutes on low heat.

You’re done! Check the salt, add the chopped garlic, herbs and of course cumin.stew-in-the-cauldron

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