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Sorbet with peanuts


1. Peanuts 1 Cup
2. Milk 1 Cup
3. Sugar 3.5 cups
4. Butter 80 grams


For a hearty dessert is better to take maximum milk fat content. In a bowl pour the milk and add 3 cups of sugar (0.5 St. leave for later). Stirring constantly, put the milk on low heat and cook 30 minutes.

Peanuts also need to fry in a pan until Golden brown, to the husk can be easily removed. Now the turn of the deferred part sugar: pour the sugar in a dry pan to make the caramel, and our sorbet was able to purchase brown color. Add cooked caramel to milk & sugar syrup.

Cook until cooked. On average, sorbet will be ready in an hour cooking. Add some butter. The form to be poured homemade sorbet, can be simple or figure. The bottom of the pan should cover with baking paper and fill with nuts. Next, pour future sherbet and put in cool place to harden. When the sorbet is completely frozen, it can be served for tea.sorbet-with-peanuts

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