Sorbet of melon


Melon 1 piece;
Sugar (fine) 100 g;
Lime juice 1/2 piece;


1.Preparation time — 10 minutes
The cooling time is 14 hours
2.Wash the melon, cut it in half, remove the pulp and seeds.

Cut into slices, remove the rind and cut ready peeled slices into cubes.

Put the melon, sugar and lime juice in a blender and whisk until fully mashed.
3.Pour the finished mixture into a container and store in the freezer for an hour or two.
4.Remove the frozen sorbet and again whisk in a blender.
5.Reload again all in a container and store in the freezer overnight.
6.Delicious refreshing sorbet of melon is ready!sorbet-of-melon

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