Sausages with mashed potatoes in wafers


1 package wafer cake
0.5 kg of sausages
1 egg
5 potatoes
Salt to taste, vegetable oil

Cooking method:

Potato peel cut into cubes and boil, a little salt the, knead. Butter can be added as desired. Mashed potatoes should not do much dry. It should be ductile.

Expand the package circular wafers for the cake (if you find a square, it will be even better and more comfortable), spread on a cutting board waffle slabs.

Spread hot mashed potato waffles, wait a few minutes until the waffles are soft (but here it is important not to overdo, so as not to fall apart).

Sausages previously, wash and peel. Then put on the resulting «cake» sausages and twist them into a tube. Formed tubes cut into pieces of 3 cm. Beat the egg in a separate bowl, lightly salt the, roll-tube pieces and fry in vegetable oil.

The dish is served hot, put on top of green leaves and rubbed cheese.sausages-with-mashed-potatoes-in-wafers

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