Sausage «roses» in puff pastry


— Flaky dough yeast (or without yeast) 1 package
— Cooked sausage or to


The dough is thawed at room temperature.
Cut lengthwise into strips having a width of about 2 cm.

Cut sausage into thin slices and cut in half.

On the strip, slightly overlapping, laid halves of sausage, leaving the end of the free.

We turn complex roll.

End folded the underneath our «roses».

In baking, the laid baking paper, spread our roses, give them a go.

Bake at the temperature given for the finished test pack 15 — 20 minutes or until done.


These roses are very adorn any table. They are simple and quick to prepare, but the result of all enjoy it.
They can decorate the salad bowl and tea for breakfast.
These snacks are indispensable for picnics.sausage-roses-in-puff-pastry

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