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«Sausage plate» with cheese filling


Doctoral sausage
Cheese — 50 g
Boiled egg — 1 PC.
Garlic — 1 — Dolci
Mayonnaise (or cream cheese) — 1-2 tsp
Salt — to taste


1. For the filling: eggs, cheese, peeled garlic to RUB on a small grater, to salt, fill with mayonnaise or cottage cheese.
2. Sausage cut into thin slices 1 — 2mm. In a pan heat 2 tbsp of butter, put slices of sausage once sausage «taposiris» and turn up the edges, sausage, transfer to a plate and cool.»Sausage plates» to fill with stuffing and decorate with greens.
3. Serve with dried on a dry pan (or in the oven or the toaster) bread.sausage-plate-with-cheese-filling