Salmon tartare

25 g of arugula
200 g of olive oil
2×250 g salmon fillet
3×100 g smoked salmon
1 lemon
200 ml cream fraiche, or sour cream
15 g snitt Luka

1.Cut the roots with arugula and put it in the blender, there gradually pour the oil. Add salt to taste.
2.Whole salmon cut into small squares. Cut 8 tonkadale lemon, squeeze the rest. 3.Mix all the chopped salmon with juice, sour cream and about 3/4 of chopped onion. Put in a bowl, close with cling film and refrigerate until ready to use.
4.One serving dish put about 1/8 of the mixture of Tartarus. Convex part of the spoon press. Put a slice of lemon and sprinkle cooked oil.salmon-tartare

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