Salmon, baked with potatoes


Potatoes — 4-5 PCs.
Salmon fillet — 1 kg
Cherry — 6-8 PCs.
Celery, onions — to taste
The mixture is fragrant chilli peppers, rosemary, salt — to taste
Olive oil — 4-5 tbsp


1. Fillet cut into large chunks. Pepper blend of freshly ground pepper, a little salt and leave to soak for half an hour.
2. Tomatoes cut into 4 pieces, onion, celery in thin slices crosswise.
3. The potatoes will boil in their skins until soft. Then cool, peel and cut into round slices.

4. In bowl, combine potatoes, crushed rosemary, salt, olive oil. Add tomatoes, onions and celery. Mix.
5. Spread all on a tray with pieces of salmon, trying to keep the potatoes at the bottom.
6. Bake in the oven on medium heat.salmon-baked-with-potatoes

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