Salad with ham «Five»

The ingredients to the recipe:

Olives – about 100 grams
Meat ham – about 200 gr.
Jar of corn
Mushrooms (preferably to take marinated) – about 100 gr.
Eggs – 2 pieces

To start, boil the eggs. Next, they need to be cooled.
Take the ham, cut it into pieces.
Mushrooms cut into slices.
Cut into circles all olives.
Boiled eggs cut into pieces
Now place the prepared salad bowl meat, mushrooms, eggs, olives, and don’t forget about corn. Then pour over it mayonnaise. Can salt them a bit.The salad is better for filling in a bowl.
But you can portions. Then in the glass, put the lettuce inside and the salad.salad-with-ham-five

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