Salad with duck breast and lentils

Lentils Beluga t-m Mistral 50g
Duck breast — 350 grams
Dry sherry wine — 100 ml
Soy sauce — 2 tsp
Green salad 250g
Olive oil 1 tbsp for roasting breast
Balsamic vinegar — 2 tsp
Honey — 2 tsp
Salt pepper to taste

Technology of preparation:
1. Lentils Beluga t-m Mistral boil according to the description on the packaging. Cooked the lentils, discard in a colander and let the water drain out.
2. The duck breast to premarinbuy 20 minutes in the sherry and soy sauce + honey, salad wash and cut.
3. From skin incision breast mesh in the form of rhombs.
4. Heat 1 tbsp oil, breast roast with 2 sides until it will turn brown,
5. Wrap in foil and bring to preheated oven at 200 C for 15 min.
6. Pour into the pan, which was roasted duck marinade and boil down by half.
7. Add the balsamic and pepper.
8. Rinse well and dry the lettuce leaves. On a plate, pour some sauce on top to break up lettuce.
9. Put the lentils and sliced duck breast. Drizzle the salad with the marinade.salad-with-duck-breast-and-lentils

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