Salad with cherry tomatoes and shrimp

This is a really nice salad, besides, unusual taste. It can be prepared for the holiday feast and become a real decoration of the table. Tenderness of the shrimp meat, the sweetness of cherry tomatoes, savory garlic flavor — all that pleasure! Ingredients for salad chosen very well! And the salad looks amazing!

0.5 kg of boiled peeled shrimp
10 cherry tomatoes
1 small bunch of green salad
2 fresh cucumber
200 g crab sticks
a little dill
a few cloves of garlic
sour cream for the filling
ground black pepper

How to cook salad:

Cucumber peel and finely chop the cute straws. Mix the cucumbers with the cleared ready shrimp and diced crab sticks. The tomatoes into quarters. Dill chop, and chop the garlic. In a bowl put the leaves of lettuce. On them — shrimp salad, seasoned sour cream, pepper and salt. Top the salad is decorated at its discretion. You can put a few shrimp and greens.salad-with-cherry-tomatoes-and-shrimp

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