Salad with beans, beef and crackers

300 g canned beans
400 g beef fillet
200 g of cucumbers
150 g of the baton
3 cloves of garlic
5 tbsp vegetable oil

1.Instead of canned beans can be used cooked.
2.Out of this number of ingredients is obtained 7-9 servings.
3.The meat is boiled until tender (cook for about 40 minutes
4.The cooked meat is cool, cut into cubes.
5.Cucumbers cut into sticks.
6.In the oil add the squeezed out through Chesnokovka
7.Baton cut into cubes.
8.Fry the loaf with butter and garlic until Golden brown
9.Mix beans (liquid drained), meat, cucumbers, croutons (croutons recommend to add before serving so they stay crunchy).

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