Salad «Watermelon slice»


Chicken 400 grams;
Eggs, 3-4 pieces;
Cheese 150-200 grams;
Tomatoes – 2 pieces;
Cucumbers – 2 pieces;
Onion – 1 head
Olives (for decoration)

To start, marinade the onions.

Onions should be cut. Take half Cup water, one teaspoon sugar, two teaspoons of vinegar 9%, stir and add in the chopped onion marinade for 15-20 minutes.

Chicken fillet boil in salted water until tender.Eggs cook and clean. And we’re going to need a piece of cheese.Chicken should be cut into cubes.Take a dish or a plate in which you’ll prepare the salad. Spread Crescent layer of boiled and chopped chicken.Mayonnaise.

Next, spread a layer of pickled onions, not making a big indent from the edge of the inner radius and establish a little more to the outside edge of the radius.Lubricated with a thin layer of mayonnaise.

Three on a grater egg and spread on a layer of the onion, too, making a small indent from the edge.Mayonnaise.

Next you need on a small grater to grate hard cheese.Spread a layer of cheese.Mayonnaise. Sprinkle with the edge of the salad, do so to speak a Crescent moon made of cheese, spread mayonnaise is not necessary. It will be the white flesh of the watermelon rind.

Next three are not grater cucumber and sprinkle with salt and mix it.Tomatoes mode and remove the middle, so the salad was not excess fluid. Hard cheese will separate the flesh from the skin.Mode the tomatoes into small cubes.Spread on cheese tomatoes.

The flesh of watermelon.Cucumber juice, it needs to be overcome. And the side to put them on the salad. This is a green skin.Sliced black olives, this will be the seeds of the watermelon.Decorate with black olives salad watermelon slice.

Like I got a salad. Of course you can still be fried mushrooms and Korean carrots in a salad to add, think it would be too tasty.salad-watermelon-slice

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