Salad «The Diplomat»


Chicken egg 2 PCs.
Cheese 200 g
Oranges 1 PC.
Apple 1 PC.
Onion 1 goal.
mayonnaise to taste


Boil eggs, remove shell and slice or grate.
To grate hard cheese.
Peel the orange, remove partitions and finely chop the flesh.
To peel an Apple, remove the seeds and finely chop.
Peel the onion and cut into rings.
The ingredients are ready, you can begin to lay them out in layers. Each layer should be spread mayonnaise before putting on top of the next.

Take a round dish and put in the apples with a continuous layer, to grease with mayonnaise.
Arrange onion rings and mayonnaise.
The next layer — grated (or finely chopped) eggs, mayonnaise.
Put the orange pulp, to grease with mayonnaise.
And a final layer of grated cheese. His mayonnaise greasing is not necessary.
The top is beautifully put slices of orange, onion, cut in half eggs (quail) and sprigs of parsley.salad-the-diplomat

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