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Salad South-East


Fig — 80 g (before cooking)
Sweet pepper — 2 PCs.
Radishes — 7-10 PCs.
Canned pineapple (slices) — 1 Bank
Green onions — bunch
Roasted peanuts — 100 g
Sunflower oil
Rice vinegar
Soy sauce


1. Boil rice until tender, following package instructions.
2. Pepper cut chetvertkoltsami.
3. Radish cut into half circles.
4. Green onions chop.
5. With pineapples, drain the excess liquid.
6. Peanuts grind a little (into halves).
7. For the gas station to get soy sauce, vegetable oil, rice vinegar and mustard.
8. Mix the sauce ingredients in the ratio of 2:2:1:1.
9. Salad serve warm. During storage of rice gets an unpleasant hardness.salad-south-east

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