Salad of cod liver


Cod liver oil — 1 Bank
Eggs — 3 pieces
Green onion — 1 bunch
Olive oil — 1 tbsp


1. So, now prepare all the ingredients that we need to prepare this salad. While we put the liver in a bowl and it loosens up a little it with a fork. Also worth a boiled chicken egg.
2. You have to wash them out and a little to warm at room temperature. So now put the eggs in the pan and now fill with water and put it all to boil.
3. Further, as for the salad will use and watercress. It is so simple that if you don t on sale, it is easy to grow on the window. Sow his seeds, and after a week he rises. Often watered and put in the sun and in two weeks it can be picked and eaten. So cut to taste as much salad as you want and just put it on a plate until. Also it is necessary to wash out, even if you grew up on the windowsill. As there is also accumulated dust.
4. Further, all the ingredients are starting to collect in the bowl. So we spread until the cod liver oil and slice the boiled eggs into cubes. So until now stir and begin to season your salad, just cut it in small pieces and lay in a bowl. Now is to talk about the gas station. Her salad not, as in the liver and there is so much oil and not worth it to pour advanced. Now mix everything together and taste for taste, if you need, you should sprinkle with salt and pepper. So now we spread the salad on a plate and now decorate with all the greens. Also, this salad should be served with croutons. If you have a desire, it should serve this salad with boiled potatoes, and also you can use it as a spread on bread.salad-of-cod-liver

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