Salad «Mimosa»


Canned in oil (I took the sardines)
Eggs — 3 PCs.
Potatoes — 4 PCs.
Cucumbers — 2 PCs.
The processed cheese


1. The first step is to carry out preparatory work, i.e., boil potatoes and hard-boiled eggs and then peel them.
2. Take 2 potatoes and grate them on a grater and spread evenly on the plate — this will be the first layer. The plate you need to take a deep.
3. To grease with mayonnaise.
4. To open a jar of canned food, chop them with a fork. Put half of the potatoes is the second layer.

5. Finely chop the onions and place them third layer.
6. 1 cucumber grate — the fourth layer. Cucumbers I take different depending on the season: in summer and autumn prefer fresh, and in winter and spring — canned. To grease with mayonnaise.
7. Whites separated from the yolks, grate — fifth layer. To grease with mayonnaise.
8. Cottage cheese grate — the sixth layer. In order that the cheese was easy to RUB, please put it in the freezer for 30-40 minutes.
9. For «Mimosa» you can borrow and cheese, but in my opinion, he has not so pronounced taste like processed, so I prefer it for this salad not to use.

10. After a layer of cheese to repeat all the layers, only at the end instead of protein, the yolks will remain. They should be rubbed and terminate them laying layers. By the way, thanks to the yolks salad and called it a «Mimosa», too, they grated me remind you this flower.
11. After cooking, place the salad in the refrigerator at least 2-3 hours. During this time, he is soaked and will be very tasty!salad-mimosa

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