Salad «Intrigue and love»


boiled beef
canned red beans
black olives


Salad put layers, in a suitable container in the following order… Yes all the ingredients are cut into cubes:

1 layer — boiled beef and top with the mayonnaise.
2nd layer — onions and mayonnaise.
3rd layer — canned red beans (without liquid) and mayonnaise.
4th layer — pickled cucumbers and mayonnaise.
5th layer — boiled potatoes and mayonnaise.
6th layer — tomatoes , diced, black olives( black olives chop, put in a heart shape)
The layers are preferably slightly flatten each other as filling a separable form. Now send our «Love» with «Guile»; in the fridge for a few hours… and you can treat yourself.salad-intrigue-and-love

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