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Salad «Fish in the pond»

Potatoes boiled in their skins — 3-4 PCs
Bank small sprats in oil or its own juices
Eggs boiled 4-5 PCs
Cheese 150-200 g
Garlic, mayonnaise

1.Sprotocol to cut off the tails 3-4 cm,
2.In a salad bowl put layers from the bottom up:
3.Potatoes rubbed on a grater (the layer you can gently pour the oil from under sprats).
4.Sprats, mash with a fork.
5.Eggs, grated on a grater + Cessnock
6.Cheese on a grater.
7.All layers promazyvaetsya mayonnaise, top leveled and it stuck sprat tails, decorate a La «the Pond» — lilies from bulbils «Kamysh» feathers of green onions or leeks.salad-fish-in-the-pond

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