Salad “fancy tree”

● 150 grams of salted herring
● 150 grams of carrots in Korean
● 3 medium potatoes
● 3 pieces of chicken eggs
● 3 small beets
● 1 Bank of canned peas
● A bunch of green onions and dill
● Pomegranate seeds
● Canned corn

This salad should put layers, each of which is well to grease with mayonnaise. The first layer – carrots in Korean. The second layer – grated on a coarse grater eggs. The third layer – grated on a coarse grater potato. The fourth layer – herring fillets, finely chopped. Fifth layer – boiled beets, shredded on a coarse grater. Sixth layer – canned peas. The last layer of peas don’t need to grease with mayonnaise. On it sprinkle with chopped herbs. Now you can begin to decorate our “tree”. From corn and pomegranate grains make garlands, as shown in the photo.salad-fancy-tree

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