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Salad cake from crackers

— 250 gr salty round crackers
— 1 jar of any canned fish (saury, tuna, salmon)
— a bunch of green onions
— 4 hard boiled eggs
— 150 g of hard cheese
— 1 clove of garlic
— mayonnaise

Salad will put layers on a large plate or dish.
1 layer: crackers;
2 layer: eggs, rubbed on a grater and mixed with mayonnaise (two yolks aside for decoration);
3 layer: crackers;
4th layer: canned fish, mashed and mixed with mayonnaise;
5th layer: finely chopped green onions;
6 layer: crackers;
7 layer: cheese, grated on a fine grater + the garlic through the press, mix with mayonnaise;
8 layer: crackers. Spread mayonnaise and sprinkle rubbed on a fine grater egg yolks.

Decorate as desired. Let stand for the salad 2 hours at room temperature and 1 hour in the refrigerator. But it is better to salad stood the night.salad-cake-from-crackers

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