Salad «Birch»


● chicken — 300 gr.,
● fresh mushrooms — 300 gr.,
● egg — 5 PCs.
● pickled cucumber — 5-6 PCs.,
● mayonnaise,
● green onions — 50 gr.


Before preparing the salad must be pre-prepared products. Mushrooms with onions fry in vegetable oil, chicken breast, boil in salted water. Eggs also cook. Finely chop the cucumber.

1 layer — spread fried with onions mushrooms.
2 layer — diced chicken breast.
Paramasivam mayonnaise.
Top grate protein on a coarse grater.
3 — put the cucumbers.
4 — rub the yolks on a fine grater and decor.

Draw mayonnaise the trunk of the birch.
Black stripes make of sliced black olives.
Make your vertical slices finely green onions.
And do the leaves of the birch.
Salad «birch» is ready!salad-birch

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