Rolls with avocado, salmon and cucumber with avocado, salmon and cucumber


500 grams of rice
50 ml rice vinegar
30 g of sugar
10 g of salt
5 sheets nori
1 long greenhouse cucumber
1 avocado
200 g salted salmon
pickled ginger
soy sauce

For making rolls you need:

Bamboo Mat (Makis or sushi Mat). Without him efficiently to minimize the roll is almost impossible.
Wide non-metallic container for mixing and cooling the rice.
Flat wooden paddle.
The saucer with water. The sushi rice is very sticky and easily stick to your hands. Therefore, in the process of preparing the rolls before you take the pic, the hands need to moisten with water.


Cooked rice put in a wide, non-metallic dish, evenly pour the vinegar mixture and begin to stir with a wooden spatula.

Prepare toppings. Cucumber cleaned from the skin, cut out the seeds and slice into thin strips.Fish is also cut into strips

Avocado cut in half, remove the stone, remove the peel and cut into strips

Fig spread on nori with a layer of about 3-5 mm. edge of the palm, make a small long groove in the middle of decomposed rice. Lightly grease his wasabi. Put in the groove filling (salmon+cucumber or salmon+avocado)

Begin to collapse. Thumbs of both hands lift up the edge of the Mat with nori, while holding the index and middle fingers of the filling. Bend the rug right angle along the line, which has a stuffing

Gently wrap the raised edge of the Mat with the nori and rice down to the rice at the opposite ends are touching. Next, lift up the edge of the Mat and dovorachivat roll, to free rice a strip of nori adjoined to the overlap roll

Turn the roll in the Mat and slightly compressible hands in order to seal the rice. But do not press too hard otherwise the rice can be quite compacted and rolls will turn out tasteless and too sticky, b) from the ends of the filling will come out

Cut into 6 pieces. The rice does not stick to the knife before each cut dip the tip into the water and turn the knife so that the drops ran down the cutting edge. Serve the rolls with ginger, wasabi and soy saucerolls-with-avocado-salmon-and-cucumber-with-avocado-salmon-and-cucumber

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