Roll with nuts


— 1 large pita bread
— 1 large glass of stab nuts
— 1 can of condensed milk
— 100 grams of butter


Take out of the refrigerator 100 grams of butter and leave to warm to room temperature.

Kernels searched and shred with a knife. It is possible with a rolling pin, You say! Passing, simply and quickly. I’ll explain why we cut with a knife, instead of rolled with a rolling pin. When You chop the nuts with a rolling pin, then squeezed out and lost part of the oil from the nuts. And our task, the dish was not only delicious but also very healthy.

The chopped nuts, butter was soft, and a little condensed milk cooled. Now open the jar, and mix all. Lay the pita. Spread a thin layer over the sheet. Later, we’re going to fold the sheet in roll. The other side, after which wrapping will be cleaned from top two centimeters from nuts. On pita bread will remain sticky layer. This is just what we want. This layer is glued to the edge of the pita bread and at the same time, the nuts will not «stick out» from the roll.

Then turn the loaf. Fold tightly, but not perestaralis, we crawled out from the sides of the nuts are not really necessary. Put the roll into the fridge for an hour. That’s the whole dessert. The taste is unexpectedly please. Even a very… will be Hard to stop.roll-with-nuts

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