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Roll «Hong Kong»

— seaweed nori (large leaves) 2 PCs.
— cream cheese 20 g
— avocado 1 PC.
— red caviar 50 g
— acne 100g
— sesame seeds 5 g


Wrap the tape along the sticks. The average is 7 rpm. After winding need to release the air from under the film, this cuts become the rug is braided, it will be important air.
The Mat is grease and cheese to the roll did not stick to the Mat, laid sheet of nori. On top of the nori, spread a thin layer of rice, so that he spoke at 1-1,5 cm. The rice should be warm, then it will be soft and will not fall apart.
Grease the inner part of the cheese.
Evenly spread the filling.
Begin to collapse the roll with free rice. Skill comes with experience, but will learn quickly. square, to press strongly it is not necessary that the stuffing does not get out.
Twisted roll, then in the opposite direction, wrap the tail with rice. Again forming a square shape. Good twisted square roll, podivem on both sides so that the filling does not fall out.
Forming a triangular shape on the top corner of the stacked fish. The fish should be cut from a single piece of that length was equal to the width of the nori sheet.
Sprinkle the top with sesame seeds.
Cut into rolls, it is best to use Japanese knives which are different from the usual one-sided sharpening. Before cutting, the knife should be moistened with water.
To prepare wasabi from a dry powder mixed with cold water.roll-hong-kong

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