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Rabbit stew


Butter — 60 g
The carcass of the rabbit — 1.5 kg
Small mushrooms — 300 g
White wine — 100 ml
Chicken broth — 200 ml
Bouquet garni (dry herbs)
Olive oil — 90 ml
Sage leaves — optional
Cream — 150 ml
Yolk — 2 pcs.


1. Rabbit cut into 8 pieces of portioned and fry in half the melted butter until golden brown. Season with salt and pepper. Remove from the pan.
2. Melt in the same pan the remaining butter and fry the mushrooms for 5-7 minutes, so that they flushed. Salted and pepper.

3. Return the rabbit to the pan to the mushrooms, pour the wine and warm up a few minutes. Then pour the broth and add the bouquet garni. Close tightly fitting lid and simmer over very low heat for 40 minutes.

4. Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a small skillet and fry sage leaves in divided doses for 30 seconds, so that they become crispy and acquired a bright green color. At this stage it is important not to move away from the plate, because the sage burning very quickly. Put the leaves on paper towels and salt.

5. Take the pieces of rabbit and mushrooms from the pan and place in a serving dish (preferably heated), throw the bouquet garni. Remove the pan from the heat, lightly beat the egg yolks with the cream, pour the broth into the pan and quickly stir well. Return to the very small fire and cook, stirring occasionally, 5 minutes to thicken the sauce. Do not bring to a boil that egg yolks are not separated. Add salt and pepper.

6. Pour the sauce over the pieces of rabbit and mushrooms, sprinkled with crispy sage leaves and serve.rabbit-stew