Quick cake

So, if you have no desire for a long time to mess around with the dough and pastries:

How to prepare:

1. Take 600 grams of biscuits with a delicate creamy taste.

2. Take peanuts (the cheapest and most affordable walnut), fry in a dry pan – roasted nuts are always tastier and more aromatic than the raw. Clean them from the skins and chop with a kitchen hammer.

3. Cookies just cut knife small strips.

4. Mix the biscuits with nuts. If you find candied fruit — a couple of tablespoons and all carefully mix.

5. Now prepare the cream. For this you will need 1 stick of butter (200 g) and 1 can of condensed milk (400 g).

6. First mixer whip the butter. Then add condensed milk and knead into a homogeneous mass.

7. Mix cream and cookies.

8. Place the fondant on the plate and to form a slide. Garnish with candies, nuts and melted chocolate. Refrigerate the freezing for a couple of hours.quick-cake

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