Puff (with Apple and sprite, pineapple, chocolate, various, all sorts)

When I saw this recipe, I thought, kind of a ridiculous. Then, I think, let me try. The dough was, apples, sprite Bank is not a problem.
Baked for half an hour now. Girls, You won’t believe it’s divinely delicious!
Ate already
Tomorrow again the party intends to do. Only instead of the sprite will take some thread. lemonade. Maybe try with a carbonated juice.
And yet — here.


●1 pack. puff pastry is leavened, from 2 sheets I got 9 pieces,but I was a little Pataskala.
●1 Apple — better soft, summer varieties
●100 gr. sugar
●150 gr butter
●1 can of sprite


1 Apple peel, cut into slices.

2 — Sheets cut into triangles.

3 — In each triangle put a slice of Apple and wrap like this.

4 — melt Butter with sugar in a saucepan. To stir. It’ll be so beautiful gelatinous mixture.
Pour rolled her puffs.

5 — Pour the sprite. He’s a little hiss and capozide. Immediately put in a preheated 170 gr. the oven for half an hour.

6 — In oven flyer swell. When cooked, remove grease and brush them with a mixture of Dutch oven.
Then remove to a plate, let cool slightly and dries. From below they will be very soft and the top is crispy. But the taste, as I wrote, the divine.puff-with-apple-and-sprite-pineapple-chocolate-various-all-sorts

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