Potato-onion casserole


Onions — 2 pieces;
Potatoes — 800 g;
Milk and cream of 33% fat — 150 ml;
Bay leaf and garlic clove — 1 pieces;
Butter — 1 tablespoon;
Ham — 175 g;
Cheese «Cheddar» — 100g;
Pepper, salt;


1. Potato and onion gratin with cheese and ham turns extremely tender and tasty when prepared in its multivarka that we offer to you, and do to a family lunch or dinner.
2. Prepare the work technique and ingredients cuisine.
3. Peel and can cut onion rings, potato — slices. Peel and crush the garlic press. Can cut ham slices. Cheese Potro.

4. Brush the oil bowl, put it in layers of potatoes, ham, onions. Add the garlic and bay leaf. Milk and cream mix, Spill the mixture in the bowl. Pepper and salt. Sprinkle with grated cheese. Hour mode is enabled on the «Bake.»
5. The finished pudding portions put on a plate, will provide.potato-onion-casserole

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