Pork tenderloin in the Indian style — vindaloo


800 grams of lean pork without skin, fat and bones;
wine vinegar;
3-4 dried chilli pepper;
Pod 2-3 green chili peppers;
3 onions medium size;
2 tomatoes of medium size;
1 tablespoon paprika;
0.5 teaspoon of cumin;
12 gvozdichek;
0.5 teaspoon black pepper;
3-4 cinnamon sticks;
5-6 pods of cardamom;
1-2 heads of garlic;
5 cm piece of ginger;
0.5 teaspoon of turmeric;
60 grams of vegetable oil;
Some green coriander for decoration when serving.


1. Sliced into fairly large chunks and salted.
2. Put in a box for further pickling.
3. Spices to prepare the marinade.
Start with the garlic — there is only 6 slices, they actually had 9.
Then there is a blend of ground cumin and turmeric, then cardamom, ground dry ginger,black pepper, paprika,cinnamon,cumin.
In the center the pod dry hot pepper and cloves.
4. The dry ingredients were ground to a fine state in a coffee grinder, garlic hand cut into small pieces, threw everything in the bowl, added three tablespoons of sunflower oil and three tablespoons of natural Apple vinegar of their own making and carefully all this stir.
Yes, forgot to say — still covered in the marinade, a half-teaspoon of Khawaja Hawaj is a blend of 20 or more ground spices, I am sure that adding it will not spoil the taste of vindaloo.
5. Well missed the meat with the marinade on all sides, put in a box, there poured the remaining marinade, closed the lid (so as not to stink the whole fridge!) and set to cool overnight.
6. The next day was pretty toasted coarsely chopped two bulbs to light yellow colour.
7. To the fried onions added canned tomatoes — 500 grams, obessmertil and broke the blender.
8. Let cook together for three minutes and put marinated meat with the evening. Poured it there for the rest of the marinade.
9. Topped up in the saucepan a Cup of water, put the heat to low and put on a fire to stew.
Been stewing all this I have about an hour until the sauce consistency was not thick and the meat was tender. A sample of the sauce showed that salt is enough, but the sharpness is slightly high, but for me it’s quite tolerable.pork-tenderloin-in-the-indian-style-vindaloo

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