Poppy-cherry cake with marzipan


4 eggs
sugar — 100 g and 4 tbsp
vanilla sugar — 1 packet
flour — 100 g
ground almonds — 25 g.
the leaven — 1 tsp.
canned cherries — 1 can (720 ml.)
the vanilla pudding powder — 1 packet
thickener cream — 1 sachet
whipping cream — 350 g
Mac baking (ready, wet) — 125 g
apricot jam — 3 tbsp
marzipan mass of 350 g. (we don’t really like marzipan, so I took half of the above volume)
sugar powder — 100 g
chocolate ornament for cake decorating


1. The eggs separate the whites from the yolks. Whites, 3 tbsp water and a pinch of salt beat well until stiff. Add the vanilla sugar. Continuing to whisk, gradually add 100 g of sugar. Again, continuing to whisk, add yolks one at a time. Add the flour, almonds and baking powder. The form (26 cm diameter) with baking paper. Put the mass into the form and bake in a preheated 200C oven (S — mode with the blower).

2. Tilting the cherries in a colander (sieve), the juice to pour out. Mix 4 tbsp of juice, pudding powder and 3 tbsp sugar. The rest of the juice to the boil in a saucepan, add sources, such as the mixture and again bring to a boil, while stirring well with whisk. Add the cherries. Cool. Korzh cut into 3 thin crust. Lay out on a plate for cake lower the cake and «dress» ring on it for the cake. On top lay the cooled cherry compote. Cover with the second cake. Mix 2 tbsp sugar with the cream thickener. Beat well 250 g cream, adding sugar mixture. Add the poppy seeds, mix gently. Spread the cream on the second layer. Cover with the third cake layer and put 1 hour in a cold place.

3. Heat the marmalade, rub through a sieve. To cover the cake with jam. Marzipan cut into cubes, mix with sugar powder. Work surface sprinkled with powdered sugar and roll it into a circle (diameter 35 cm) marzipan mass. To cover with marzipan cake, pressed, neatly trim around. 100 g of sour cream beat well, put in a lot of the bag and decorate the cake. Decorate with chocolate ornaments.poppy-cherry-cake-with-marzipan

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