Pineapple appetizer


The canned pineapple — 1 Bank
Cheese varieties — 100 g
Chicken eggs — 2 PCs.
The iceberg lettuce — 1 bunch
Homemade mayonnaise — 1 tbsp


1. Get the pineapple rings from the jar, spread them on a dish. Then I was torn away from the lettuce pieces and covered them the hole of the pineapple for the filling then fell out.
2. For the filling I combined cut into large cubes boiled eggs, cheese and crab sticks. And made it all mayonnaise — a little, as long as the filling is not broke.

3. It remains only to spread the filling on pineapples. I put a small slide. Of course, you could decorate… at least greens. But for some reason I wanted to leave the dish in this form, because looked this appetizer on the table very gently.pineapple-appetizer

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