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Pilaf with chicken

You will need:

Chicken fillet — 3 PCs
Carrots — 1 kg
Rice — 0.5 kg
Seasoning (for pilaf) — 1 tbsp
Salt (to taste)
Garlic — 5 tooth.

How to prepare:

1. In a saucepan heat olive oil, add in the rice and mix well.
2. Then the rice, pour boiling water so that water covers it (about 2 cm), season to taste with salt, put on low heat until the water has completely evaporated.
3. Clean the garlic from the skins, cut each clove into 2 halves.
4. Add the garlic to the rice, stir, cover, and adding 100 ml of water, simmer for 7-10 minutes.
5. Chicken fillet cut into small pieces.
6. Carrots to grate on a coarse grater.
7. Pan with oil heat on the stove. Send her carrots and chicken. Fry for 10 minutes, then allow to potomitsya under the lid for another 5 minutes.
8. Place the rice in a bowl, add the filling of chicken and carrots, mix thoroughly.